AMD says this about old rival Intel: They’re powerful, but AMD is used to it.

In the current X86 market, AMD and Intel have been in love for more than 50 years, and their founders are from Fairchild Semiconductor, founded a year apart, once a partner of x86, and now compete more, even the X86 patents are mutually licensed. Amd’s CTO Mark PaperMaster also took questions and answers from analysts after last week’s meeting of financial analysts, with some analysts citing how AMD views friends.

AMD says this about old rival Intel: They're powerful, but AMD is used to it.

In response, Mark PaperMaster says AMD’s competitors are strong, but AMD’s employees are combative and have been used to competition for years.

Mark PaperMaster says years of customer feedback have given confidence in AMD’s market prospects.

From Mark PaperMaster to many interviews with former CEO Su Zifeng, AMD’s high-profile review of old friend Intel has never been a little bit of a slur, and AMD has a clear understanding of Intel’s strength.

The same is true, although 14nm, 10nm node, Intel because of the progress behind the consumer, the market slot, but Intel only encountered a little setback, the foundation is still very stable, and Intel’s real level of process is actually to be ahead of the same generation, the next 7nm node will catch up in performance.