Research shows U.S. traffic is only a little bit worse in 2019

According tomedia reports, traffic congestion, when you are in it, it can be a very direct annoyance. At this point you may just want to get home after a hard day of hard work – unless you’re in a hurry at the moment, and it’s easy to forget the congestion in front of you.

And just recently, a company called Inrix organized a traffic survey. This study focuses not only on the amount of time people spend on traffic in a particular city, but also on the amount of money they spend on that time. Boston, The nation’s most congested city, is a traffic jam that wastes 149 hours of traffic, according to the survey, and 145 hours and 142 hours of time is wasted in Chicago and Philadelphia.

It would be even more frustrating to convert these hours into something more intuitive, the dollar. Commuters like Boston lost $2,205 simply because they were stuck in their cars during that time rather than work, and the figures, combined with fuel and tax registration fees, as well as insurance, car wear and tear, were all the more frightening. Americans spent $88 billion in 2019 because they were stuck in their cars, according to the survey.

“Traffic congestion costs Americans billions of dollars a year,” Trevor Reed, a transportation analyst at Inrix, said in a statement. However, conditions appear to be stabilizing on some of the nation’s most congested subways — though delays nationwide have risen by about 3 percent since 2017. Continued innovation and investment in smarter road management are showing early signs of progress. “

Research shows U.S. traffic is only a little bit worse in 2019

Interestingly, however, while Los Angeles’ 101 Freeway and Highway 5 topped the list of the worst traffic lanes in the United States, none of the West Coast cities made the list of the most congested cities — Los Angeles was ranked 6th.

Unsurprisingly, traffic congestion is much less in places with low population density. As of 2017, wichita, Kansas, with a population of only 390,591, became the least congested city in the United States for the second year in a row, and wichita people spent less than two hours on transportation in 2019.