Galaxy S11 may equipped with 120Hz high refresh rate display

LG has a slight lead in the market for big-screen TVs. But in the mobile market, Samsung’s OLED technology is the dominant. After each year’s new flagship launch, the agency is often able to give Samsung the highest score in the industry, whether it’s samsung’s own Galaxy series or the latest iPhone. Foreign media reported that the Galaxy S11, which will be unveiled in the first half of next year, is expected to deliver a better experience than ever before. And that, thanks to the introduction of new technologies on mainstream devices.

三星或为Galaxy S11配备120Hz高刷新率显示屏

(Instagram via BGR)

Over the past few years, some Android smartphone makers have equipped their flagship gaming smartphones with high refresh rate displays (standard only 60Hz).

While other configurations are comparable to the Galaxy S or Note smartphones released in the same year, the high refresh rate of 90 or even 120Hz provides a more extreme enjoyment for users.

This year, manufacturers such as One Plus and Google have launched smart machines with a 90Hz refresh rate. But neither the OnePlus 7/7 Pro nor the Pixel 4 is sold in the name of a gaming device.

三星或为Galaxy S11配备120Hz高刷新率显示屏

With that in mind, Samsung is expected to have the same technology on some Galaxy S11 models to be released next year. One industry insider speculated that Samsung might raise the refresh rate to 120Hz instead of 90Hz in one fell swoop.

In conjunction with earlier rumors, Samsung is also expected to equip the Galaxy S11 with a larger battery capacity that will help improve device battery life in 5G networks and 120Hz high refresh rate mode

Finally, in addition to the Galaxy S11 in the first half of next year, the Note 11 in the second half of next year, and Apple’s iPhone 12, are also expected to feature a high refresh rate display of 120Hz.

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