SpaceX’s 10-day space trip costs $55 million, someone pays for it.

Musk’s SpaceX will send three tourists to the International Space Station (ISS) for a 10-day space trip in the second half of 2021,media CNET reported. It is reported that the trip ticket price of 55 million U.S. dollars (about 382 million yuan), at present, there is a quota is reserved.

SpaceX's 10-day space trip costs $55 million, someone pays for it.

The orbital trip is reportedly part of a cooperation agreement between SpaceX and Houston start-up Axiom Space, which will be responsible for the logistics of the three tourists’ space travel. Although seven visitors have been to the International Space Station (one of whom has even been there twice), the mission will be the first trip to the International Space Station, which is fully provided by a private company.

It is understood that three space tourists will spend two days to and from the orbiting space station, and stay on the station for eight days. Each visitor will be accompanied by an Axiom Space astronaut to ensure they do not distract the crew of the International Space Station.

“Procurement and shipping marks a significant progress in this goal, and we are pleased to work with SpaceX. AxiomSpace boss Michael J. “This is only the first of many isis missions that are fully equipped and managed by Axiom Space, the first of which is the first of a commercial entity,” Michael T. Suffredini said in a statement. “