U.S. stocks open “down and down” fuse: Dow plunges 1800 points Apple down 7.85 percent

Global stock markets and crude oil prices both fell on Monday as slow progress in efforts to contain the new coronapneumonia outbreak,media reported, adding to fears of a global economic downturn amid new cases of new coronapneumonia across the United States. U.S. time on Monday, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened sharply lower.

U.S. stocks open "down and down" fuse: Dow plunges 1800 points Apple down 7.85 percent

At the time of writing, the Dow Jones industrial average was down 1,827.28 points, or 7.06 percent, at 24,037.50, while the Standard and Poor’s 500 index was down 198.81 points, or 6.69 percent. The Nasdaq composite fell 609.04 points, or 7.01 percent, to 7,966.58.

Trading was suspended for 15 minutes as the s. . . 500 index fell 7 percent at the start of trading, triggering a first-layer fuse mechanism.

In U.S. stock trading Monday, Apple shares were down 7.85 percent at $266.34, Google parent Alphabet inc., down 7.3 percent at $1,203.63, and Amazon.com, down 7.05 percent, at $1,767.03.