ColorWare launches AirPods Pro color customization service

Starting in November, the shopping season will allow people to slim down their wallets. As a fruit powder, this year’s shopping season, in addition to considering whether to replace the new main device, there is an absolute strength of Apple accessories worth starting, needless to say, that is, of course, the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro, known as Apple’s war-power ceiling, fulfills almost all of the desire for active noise-cancelling Bluetooth detached headphones.

ColorWare推出AirPods Pro颜色定制服务

It’s a shame that you can’t wait until the white-colored AirPods Pro, which may be a bit of a loss for the fruit powder. What’s the way to show your self-expression than to buy an AirPods Pro charging case case that’s on display? ColorWare, a well-known third-party accessory vendor, has come with their multi-color custom service.

ColorWare, which has provided custom paint for Apple hardware such as AirPods, iPhones and iPads, today announced the launch of a custom color for the AirPods Pro, with 16 solid colors and 16 metallic choices, both in the style of paint or matte.

ColorWare推出AirPods Pro颜色定制服务

Users can select a color for each AirPod Pro earbud and wireless charging case when placing an order on the ColorWare website. For the price, the $439 full set of custom-painted AirPod Proatatate at ColorWare, including headphones and charging cases, is $189, and if you don’t use paint, the price can be reduced to $389 and shipped for 4-5 weeks. To catch up with the gift-giving opportunity, the toss should start early.

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