Research shows that a group of ancient sons witnessed the destruction of their homes by asteroids.

According tomedia reports, the sci-fi disaster movie tells us that if an asteroid disaster falls from the sky, it will lead to the total destruction of humans that will never recover from it. Now, it’s safe to be safe, because space agencies from around the world have been searching for dangerous space rocks, but these are a luxury for ancient humans.

Research shows that a group of ancient sons witnessed the destruction of their homes by asteroids.

Thousands of years ago, a particularly unfortunate group of nomadic ancestors witnessed the destruction of their homes and lives by fragments of an asteroid.

The incident took place in today’s Syria, in Abu Hureyra. It is now at the bottom of the lake, but thousands of years ago it was home to a group of settlers who lived, farmed and fed themselves for a seemingly long time. That is, until a cosmic invader messes up all of them.

Researchers found glass fragments from high-intensity impacts while studying artifacts found at the site. Unlike anything created with the technology of the time, this glass is formed at a high enough temperature, such as a volcanic eruption. Simply put, the only other possibility is that the object strikes at a very high speed on the glass formed when it falls.

Professor James Kennett, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, who co-authored the study, said: “Such high temperatures can completely melt a car in less than a minute. Our new findings provide more powerful evidence that extremely high temperatures can only be associated with cosmic impacts. “

“This critical material is extremely rare at normal temperatures, but it is very common in impact events,” Kennett explains. The glass is thought to be made of ‘melting in an instant and regional biomass evaporating, soil and flooding deposits and then cooling in an instant’.

The researchers believe that based on the time of the impact, the impact was linked to a larger asteroid impact, which left a huge footprint on Earth. Similar glass has been found at crash sites in parts of Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. This massive event is thought to have caused the Earth to cool rapidly and eventually lead to the extinction of many species.